Computed Tomography in SPring-8 (SP-μCT)

03 May 2023 CUDA toolkit v12.1 available.
15 Oct 2022 Bug fix. Softwares for Z-scan have added.
24 Jan 2021 Most of reconstruction softwares are updated. (The quality is as same as before.)
16 May 2016 CT example data in tiff and img uploaded.
10 October 2012 CBPs with CUDA on Windows 64bit uploaded.
17 August 2011 Drishti simple manual was updated.
10 December 2009 ct_rec uploaded. It generate CT image directly from projection images.
14 January 2009 img_inf uploaded.
9 January 2009 A few bugs were fixed.
11 Octorber 2008 Softwares for offset CT have been uploaded.
27 January 2008 "ct_cbp_thread" uses malti thread technique. It's available at Core2Duo, Core2Quad, Xeon on Windows.
It must be re-compiled when you use on Linux.


Test Data

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